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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure data is never the constraint to the right decision. Policymakers and businesses need real-time economic data about the present and the very near future in order to make informed decisions. However, official statistics are usually reported on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, and with substantial lag. We provide accurate and timely economic estimates to enable decisions sooner and with better results.

How We Help


Our nowcasting estimates uniquely supply high-frequency economic estimates to make outside-in investment decisions and policy affecting billions of the world’s poorest.


We nowcasts hundreds of economic indicators supporting real-time policy decisions where existing measures are out of date or inaccurate, leading to better governance.

Financial Institutions

When the success or failure of a financial bet is worth millions, our nowcasting estimates give insights enabling better and more accurate investment decisions


Our Successes

#DigitalAgainstCOVID-19 Hackathon Winners

August 2020: Won the Asian Development Bank’s Digital Hackathon

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With the aim of making as much impact as possible, we are always pleased to engage in new partnerships. Please contact us for more info.